Sunday, 20 September 2015


This arrangement of Artwash was recorded before the version that appears on the Surplus EP. It was recorded before I had decided to eschew the use of conventional 'spatialising' echo and reverb effects, and to mix all the songs to mono. The version of the song on the EP was also played and sung live, direct to hard drive, without any effects. It's been something of a characteristic of my song writing and recording processes that they often begin with more complex instrumentation arrangements before arriving at more minimal finished versions. This isn't so much an 'essentialist' exercise, I'm not attempting to get to the 'essence' of a song, it's more that complexity is an early stage in the compositional process, and simplification is a development of that process.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Life of Barrymore

I am pleased to announce that my new record LIFE OF BARRYMORE is available as a mini-CD and download from Linear Obsessional Recordings. Linear Obsessional supremo Richard Sanderson describes it on the Bandcamp page, and this is as good a description as it's likely to get, as:
Extraordinary EP of new songs by the New Cross based sound/visual artist and composer Steven Ball (a member of the influencial DIY electronics group Storm Bugs with Philip Sanderson). "Life of Barrymore" is a collection of songs with lyrics transcribed from verbatim recordings of specially selected snatches of British television. Haunting, and occasionally uncomfortable, "Life of Barrymore" treats these found texts with utmost seriousness, and are sung by Ball in a moving and mesmeric fashion over specially created beds of electro-acoustic construction. "Life of Barrymore" is a gripping and unique experience.

Listen and download from the player above, or at
where you can also order the physical release which consists of a numbered, limited edition of 50 mini-CDRs. High-quality download in MP3, FLAC, and more, is available on Bandcamp and includes a full-colour PDF booklet with notes, lyrics and artwork.

Recorded 2014 - 15, Steven Ball sings, plays guitar, accordion, software instruments, Candy Crush (stuck on level 29), radiosonic and televisual ambience.

Linear Obsessional Recordings LR065

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Speakers Too

originally performed with images by Martin Blažíček on 20/06/15 at the tenth anniversary party, these versions recorded live and direct to drive 23/06/15, no fuss, no edits, no post-production, now on Bandcamp