Sunday, 21 January 2007

direct language 4.0

Direct Language 4.0
QuickTime Movie 2.9Mb 01'17"



Well... congratulations!
It is an overwhelming piece.
Absolutely puzzling, in all it's quiet poetic travelling, yet, crystal clear and wide open. Direct language, framed, with utmost care.

Amazing. ( can't figure out the technicalities: model air plane/helicopter, hot air/helium balloon, or, maybe, angelic help?- a new version of google earth? )

Somehow reminded me of Mikael Kalatozov's " Soy Cuba"'s panoramic stunt(s). The pan from the top of the hotel all the way dorn to the swimming pool and the street pan scene...

Thought provoking, in a lingering way.
Thank you Steven.

Steven Ball said...

you're welcome Sam
I grew wings ;)


dear wing commander,

what a challenge !...
it took me quite some time to figure this out...

but then: so many thanks for the wing tip and the inspiration.

As a humble homage, there is a new patalab post (25.01), properly linked. Hopefully it's ok ?
best regards

nb: the latest, concrete prose post(ing) with the elephant, is a fine space indeed. yet, again, delightfully puzzling.