Sunday, 10 February 2008

No-way Street in Second Life

Until tomorrow afternoon No-way Street will be screening at an outdoors screening at Directors Lounge, New Berlin in Second Life. Above is an image of 'me' watching the video there. Read more about the screenings at the Directors Lounge blog.



looks like a "cool"? place to watch videos...
great links to directors lounge. missed the show again,(damn) but might be in berlin next week.


more art moving into second life: here is a danish connection. >
in real life it turns out that the usual technical glitches
made the viewing at the museum somehow quite a boring experience.

Steven Ball said...

Hi Sam, OK well I, or rather my avatar Rhodes Walworth, went along to 'The Raft' in Second Life but nothing was happening and no-one was around. This has been the overwhelming experience of my, or our, Rhodes and mine, visits to Second Life: vast deserted areas where something appears to have happened, or might just sometime happen, but nothing when we're there. I guess we're visiting at the wrong time.

I could say a lot about the whole idea v. the experience of SL, perhaps for another time, but to a materialist like me it's a problematic concept. I think Jarry would have been intrigued however I always thought his parallel universe rather more closely resembled this one (or First Life as SLers call it), it would differ in terms of historical chronology maybe, it would be absolutely strange but strangely familiar, a perpetual deja vu with a different political structure. SL is altogether too obviously artificial while having quickly developed an economic and ownership structure and an inherent politics and culture which is all too familiarly, depressingly, like the real world. And when there are too many people there the servers splutter, your avatar gets rigor mortis and you are logged out.


rhodes walworth ! what a fine avatar identity, indeed.

great: the man is now appointed official reporting correspondent in SL.... a life of adventures in never seen new worlds... on to the thresholds of the future (that looks so much like the past, just a bit more boring.)

Ah! imagine entering digital terra incognita, and being finaly able to utter: " doctor walworth i presume?.. did you finaly find the source code of it all"

i am convinced that our friend zoe tati would imediately enroll rhodes in the bussy operating
staff at anexe nactus ! just send a signed application form in triplets to >

Steven Ball said...

when you register at SL you are given a long list of surnames to select from and you chose your own firstname. One of the surnames was Walworth. I couldn't resist the pun, for those familiar with south London:

Presumably I have a whole family of Walworths yet to meet!