Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Horizons and Centres

If my blog writing has been a little skimpy the last few months it's because I've been incredibly busy with other things. Two of those things reach some kind of fruition in the next few weeks: two separate curatorial collaborations, both involve Australian artists.

Transcentric, an exhibition at Central St Martins's Lethaby Gallery, a collaboration with RMIT in Melbourne on the theme of the urban centre, opens next week on Monday 17 November.

Figuring Landscapes, a touring screening programme of Australian and UK moving image works on the theme of landscape, has its first public exhibition at ArtSway in the New Forest on Monday 24 November.

Click on the links for details - I'm too busy to write more!


Anonymous said...

Heh man I'm too busy to even read this blog or post a come...............

Steven Ball said...

... or give your name

Philip Sanderson said...

Both shows sound very interesting, in particular Figuring Landscapes seems to have evolved into something of a survey of the landscape/figure relationship. Some things did make me chuckle though in particular the very extensive credits on the Study Collection website which read like some weird hybrid of academia and Hollywood with Professor this and Doctor that.

Steven Ball said...

oh you know what these academics are like

- said...

Steven!! it's me, Guerin from Oregon, the web guy! how have you been?!
I commented here because I can't find the personal messenger button!

I just started taking a break from college, so i'll be online more!
I'm still making music! http://myspace.com/spamtron

how is the filming/arting/workizing going?

keep in touch!

- Guerin