Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sub Zero Degrees

Musing about the sometimes held misunderstanding between 'structuralism' in British experimental film and the same name given to post-existentialist French philosophy, I was excited to see that Sam Renseiw had appropriated Say Zero, positing an intriguing suggestion of what French Structuralism applied to a moving image work can produce. Refining his text, I attend to the grain of the voice, on the distinction between jouissance and identification in illusion.

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chilling' good.

(i'm still learning to de-compose, structurally)

"There is no describable content, but one watches with fascination the representation of the objective world through the agency of light and its absence."


thank you. the moves appeared.
clearly. cut-ut. re-viewed.

new room

merci ( aussi) gidal