Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Winter Soup sound

Winter Soup was made to accompany two-projector 16mm film work Autumn Fog by Lynn Loo, performed at Unconscious Archive 4 at Apiary Studios, Hackney, London yesterday evening. This particular performance was actually recorded today as the live performance was not recorded.

I first performed an accompaniment for Autumn Fog last year at Seeing in the Dark in Newcastle. In Autumn Fog Lynn explores the colours of leaves in her back garden, superimposing positive and negative 16mm film in live projection. For the performances I recorded sounds in my own backyard and read a text relating observations of events in the backyard and its proximity. The text was layered live using a looping record unit. For each performance I made a new recording and text in order to make the work as temporally close as possible to the everyday specificity at the time of the performance.

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