Sunday, 22 April 2007

direct language 4.3

Direct Language 4.3
QuickTime Movie 22.5Mb 3' 37"
An installation by Petr Nikl
and a performance by Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Philip Samartzis, Orbis Pictus - interactive exhibition of musical instruments, Czech Museum of Music, Prague, 21st April 2007.


Anonymous said...

This looks like seriously hot post... heh, more on exhibition curator is on and



very nice voodling, indeed.
funny how the blurr(s) still imprints a very clear picture of the space and the event.

Steven Ball said...

Thanks Sam

The blur is simply a result of having to use the camera in low light mode to be able to see anything at all. The more the movement the greater the blur as the frame capture rate slows down with a wide open aperture. So the imprint of the space is clearest when the camera and subject are static or close to it. It resonates with the ambiance of the event I think.