Saturday, 28 April 2007

direct language 4.4

Direct Language 4.4
QuickTime Movie 16.8Mb 2'54"


Steven Ball said...

We went in search of Boddington hillfort, built in 1st century BC in Wendover Woods in the Chiltern Hills. This is what we found.


thanks for sharing the walk!
beautiful and intriguing.
interesting how "simple"ways of looking still remain so complex: every move of the camera, is somehow a focus on things and how they might be, at the very moment of capture, be perceived. thus, a candid, apparently un-reflected, semi-attentive gaze, unfolds its own dramaturgy.
direct imagery, becomming imagination.

Steven Ball said...

Thanks Sam, I was avoiding my usual inclination to loop, multiply, slow down or otherwise manipulate the captured video. Of course it has been edited in a way that creates a narrative that doesn't necessarily follow the chronology of capturing and there is a dissolve between each sequence, so it's not quite as 'direct' as it might appear. Indeed it is verisimilitudinous, which of course to say illusory!