Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Car Situations

Car Situations (Steven Ball/Philip Sanderson), 3:20, 1981
by Storm Bugs

7.7Mb QuickTime movie
From the new compilation LP 'Supplementary Benefit' on Vinyl on Demand Records. View the entire record and get more information at www.stormbugs.co.uk



superb piece!!
(i hate the fact that i sold my record player some years ago in a moment of unreflected distress)

zoe tati said...

ciao steven
I do like when you play the low and hi tech structures.
( unlike Sam, hi hi ) I have to much nostalgia to loose my Phillips portable record player.
congrats on the Pixelodeon selection.
bedst, zoe tati

Steven Ball said...

thank you zoe, it is of course a collaboration with Professor Ham