Saturday, 30 June 2007

No-way Street

No-Way Street
1:00, 2007 click on title for 6Mb QuickTime
Cordoned areas and blocked streets have become an increasingly common occurrence in urban centres. The strategy of producing public spaces of exception disrupts the pedestrian’s everyday practice of writing the city. As regular pathways are rerouted along side streets and down unfamiliar alleys, the city starts to become a strange place, a more abstracted experience. No-way Street enacts the discombobulating effect of such orientation realignment through a series of multiple short video and audio loop sequences of blocked streets, diverted pedestrians and police cordons, constructed as a spatial and temporal matrix.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

direct language 2.6

Direct Language 2.6
QuickTime Movie 1Mb 0' 59"

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Outside and Unknown

On Saturday 9th June Direct Language 3.2 screened in the Outside and Unknown: from the fringes of the vlogosphere programme in the Pixelodeon festival at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, USA. The programme was curated by Jennifer Proctor. Happily for those of us unable to make the trip to LA, Jennifer sent me the programme details with links to the online versions of the videos which, now the programme has screened, I am able to post so that you can also enjoy it from the comfort of your own computer.

This screening is a celebration of international vloggers who push the limits of what the moving image can mean, especially in an online context. They treat video as poetry, painting, theater, soapbox, and laboratory. They fly under the radar, create for small audiences, and use the web as a venue for experimentation. You may not recognize all of their names, but they're producing some of the most groundbreaking work on the web, fusing videoblogging, filmmaking, and artistic practice.
- Jennifer Proctor

Chris Black
Praise and Sensation 1:10

Direct Language
Steven Ball
Direct Language 3.2 :45

en video
Juan Luis Casañas Ballester
Luz 1:10
Tacto 1:05

Seth Diehl
eyes open :50

Video Haiku
Kevin O
Pigeon Mob 1:30
Hot Dog Rollers 2:00
Train Bridge 2 1:55

the wave
Jimi Bogdanov
Film # 55 2:25
Film # 57 2:00

Rasmus Jørgensen
Just that moment 1 :30

the fever 5k
Jason Talbot
VII :50

The DIY Animation Workshop
Andrew Lynn
sundance 1:25
Global Good War :45
Paper Dream 1:25
A Frog is a Frog 1:00

David Howell Studios
David Howell
Morning Walk 1:00

Matt Black's Video Sketchbook
Matt Black
Phở Lunch 1:16

R, S, T, & V
Violet Lucca
victoria's secret 3:10

Zach Kmiec
Wikitchen 2:50

El Gringo Loco
Jeremy Smith
Technical Difficulties :40
Guitar Mix Up :40
The hand that feeds you :40
Closer Train 1:00
Dean Wolf
kaleidobirds :30
tree stencil 090606

Scenes of Provincial Life
Michael Szpakowski
Woodland Oratory :35 (silent)
The Garden, May 20th :28
Home Movie :30 (silent)

SpaceTwo: Patalab
Sam Renseiw
On motion analysis and treadmills 1:26
The snow queen's psychogeography 1:49
The lapse of time between two instances 1:48

The Film of Tomorrow
Trine Bjørkmann Berry
Stretching Before and After 1:20

Mack McFarland
watch to alleviate aesthetic static 1:00
to watch after the White House Press Briefing or with the apathetic 1:25
to watch in preparation of deep fall 1:25

This Side of the Cave
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
video: inspector is coming 2:25

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Car Situations

Car Situations (Steven Ball/Philip Sanderson), 3:20, 1981
by Storm Bugs

7.7Mb QuickTime movie
From the new compilation LP 'Supplementary Benefit' on Vinyl on Demand Records. View the entire record and get more information at