Saturday, 27 December 2014

seasonal song 2

On the Wyrd, in which we plant the tree, drink mead and ale, and smear the hlaut... honour Odin, and Wudan the reborn great horned hunter, the goddess Berchta... belsnickel, banquet on herring and gruel, with kindred, hearth, our godhi and gydhja… we wear our valknuts hung low like a pendant, in the wheel of the year and the wyrd of community… 

Made for Xmas Messthetics from Radio FYTINI

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

seasonal song 1

I was almost too late with this. 

Last year Richard Sanderson invited people to make a two-minute piece for Button Box based on any element taken from his Air Buttons album, for which I recorded the song Polka Faith

This year Richard extended a similar invitation for a new compilation Two Minutes Left, with particular criteria:
My two rules were that the works had to be exactly two minutes long, and that at some point in the recording process a microphone should have been used - in other words, before the sounds presented here reach your ears they have, in some way, travelled through air. 
I made a new recording of a song from about twelve or so years ago which, titled Microphone, seemed a suitable choice. Originally written and recorded while I was jet-lagged, it has a vaguely melancholic lyric, which elaborates a pun on the words 'micro' and 'phone', and woozy melody.

I was almost too late with this, I recorded it the day before the deadline and submitted it just in time. Impressively Richard had 87 submissions, resulting in a substantial collection of two minutes, downloading now, and looking forward to hearing.

Two Minutes Left is available as a free download from Linear Obsessional Recordings on Bandcamp.