Saturday, 13 September 2008

More One Minutes (Volume 2)

More screenings during the remainder of this year for the One Minute (Volume 2) touring programme curated by Kerry Baldry

14 September - 31 October: The Big Screen, Queen Victoria Square, Hull

18 – 21 September
: Housewarming, The Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France

18 October
: Hull Film, The Red Gallery, Hull

21 October: NoD, Prague, Czech Republic

19 November - 20 December: Artprojx Space, London

Artists included in One Minute (Volume 2): Kerry Baldry, Steven Ball, Gordon Dawson, Catherine Elwes, Andy Fear, Steve Hawley, Nicolas Herbert, Riccardo Iacono, Hilary Jack, Esther Johnson, Nick Jordan, Tina Keane, Deklan Kilfeather, Lynn Loo, Kate Meynell, Louisa Minkin, Claire Morales, Gary Peploe, Martin Pickles, Stuart Pound, Laure Prouvost, Eva Rudlinger, Philip Sanderson, Erica Scourti, Margie Schnibbe, Guy Sherwin, Marty St.James, Unconscious Films, Phillip Warnell and Mark Wigan.