Monday 8 June 2020

All Living Can Anyone Be Here forthcoming album on cassette and download

'Even on a Wednesday' is a song from my forthcoming album All Living Can Anyone Be Here which is now available to pre-order from Linear Obsessional. The pre-order includes one song download now, the full album is on cassette and download released on June 25 2020.

All Living Can Anyone Be Here contains four songs and one instrumental. All but one of the songs were written and recorded during April and May 2020, two of those ('Even on a Wednesday' and 'Private Ambulance’) reflect the coronavirus situation of that period, concentrating in particular on the attendant shifts in the subjective experience of space and time. The album’s title track is an abstracted meditation on what might more broadly be called 'the state of society’, a bewilderment of news reports and the author’s own observations. ‘And on the Heath’ was written and recorded before the crisis, and considers spatial and temporal dislocation in attempting to evoke the place known as Blackheath in South East London as a ‘landscape’, wherein the song’s narrator is resigned to admit that ...we can’t observe the boundless heath, all we do is point to things.

recorded January, April, May 2020 
cover image by Nigel Ball @_nigelball

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Time and the Weather

Time and the Weather is an ambient soundscape mix of Bastard Island (Linear Obsessional, 2019)Dispensing with vocals the instrumental recordings redolent with spatial diffraction, signal refraction, small sounds, and distance communication, evoke the atmosphere of the island. Paid download includes a bonus track.