Monday, 20 February 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Winter Soup sound

Winter Soup was made to accompany two-projector 16mm film work Autumn Fog by Lynn Loo, performed at Unconscious Archive 4 at Apiary Studios, Hackney, London yesterday evening. This particular performance was actually recorded today as the live performance was not recorded.

I first performed an accompaniment for Autumn Fog last year at Seeing in the Dark in Newcastle. In Autumn Fog Lynn explores the colours of leaves in her back garden, superimposing positive and negative 16mm film in live projection. For the performances I recorded sounds in my own backyard and read a text relating observations of events in the backyard and its proximity. The text was layered live using a looping record unit. For each performance I made a new recording and text in order to make the work as temporally close as possible to the everyday specificity at the time of the performance.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter Soup text

it's winter

low sun

it's cold in the backyard
trains passing
the weekend's snow
turning to slush
almost disappearing
the autumn leaves
shrivelled on the ground


a cat came over the fence
across the railway tracks
down the bank
is this the same cat I saw in the allotment

through the long grass

a couple of days ago
and other wildlife
the foxes
the magpies in the trees
and those birds that sing at night

do the foxes get into the backyard
I've yet to see one


the train
the East London line
one way to Dalston Junction

the main line
to London Bridge

and the other
New Cross Station
the trains slow
as they pull in to New Cross station

the faster
on the far side track

and then the lines
to London Bridge
from Kent
and beyond


I'm making a soup
from the left over vegetables
frying up some onions
some garlic

some slushy snow on top of the ivy on the fence

slices of time here
the soup of the weekend weather
layers of recordings
ingredients thrown into the soup
layers of time

different meals
cooked at different times
slices of onion
slices of parsnip
in a soup
soup is a mashup
a few day's meals
a few day's culinary observations
literally mashed up
all cooked in the same place
the whole becomes
a mixture of slices through time


the sound of frying

the fog of the weekend's cooking
Saturday's curry
Friday's vegetables
slicing metaphors
in goes the garlic
some water


I thought I would become a train
or a cat
or a fox

let it simmer

the cat as it comes across the tracks
down the bank
into the backyard

the fox as it snuffles around
scraps of food


the train
as it enters the station
on the last leg
from Canada water
through Surrey Quays
into New Cross
where it rests
for ten minutes
or so

it returns
back on its journey to
Dalston Junction
relieved of pressure
and friction
that caused the wheels to spark
on the icy rails
on Saturday night
illuminating the entire room
illuminating the backyard
split second


sweet potato


for Autumn Fog, with Lynn Loo,
7 February 2012