Tuesday 28 August 2007

collaborative video performance workshop

Serious workshop business with Martin Blažíček at 13 Kubikov Summer Open Academy, Bratislava. More images here.

Sunday 12 August 2007

Storm Bugs - Neither There Nor Here

1st September, Foundry, Shoreditch

Live for the first time in 25 years, Storm Bugs present an all-new show of audio-visual navigational circuit bending and dis-orienteering. All around the roundabout, up and down Shoreditch High Street, in and out the Foundry, where are you going and how did you get there? Eschewing expectations, not to mention glitchy abstraction or the hedonistic thrill of the feedback rush, Storm Bugs turn their attention to the here and the now-ness, the there and the then-ness, collapsing distance, time, direction and location into a question, a riddle, a conundrum.

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Suspended Extended

The lecture by Professor Ham and Professor Cheese to the Danish Design School back in February gets voodled
by Patalab over at dvblog.

Saturday 4 August 2007

Last Week at Wilhelmshöhe

Last Week at Wilhelmshöhe
QuickTime Movie 5.1Mb 3' 03"