Sunday, 30 November 2008

had enough

The Welshman on the night bus said he'd had enough of this country and couldn't wait to get back to China.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

there and back


Can't see much farther than the back of the seat in front, the rain on the steamed up window. Macro shift the grey sky, the spots of twin red lights, the yellow rail.


Sky darkening, windows more reflective, restless leg across the passage two seats up on the right. A couple are trying to read my notebook over my shoulder.


These keys... what do you want me to write?

A clear and unambiguous statement perhaps?

It's not before time, certainly.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Horizons and Centres

If my blog writing has been a little skimpy the last few months it's because I've been incredibly busy with other things. Two of those things reach some kind of fruition in the next few weeks: two separate curatorial collaborations, both involve Australian artists.

Transcentric, an exhibition at Central St Martins's Lethaby Gallery, a collaboration with RMIT in Melbourne on the theme of the urban centre, opens next week on Monday 17 November.

Figuring Landscapes, a touring screening programme of Australian and UK moving image works on the theme of landscape, has its first public exhibition at ArtSway in the New Forest on Monday 24 November.

Click on the links for details - I'm too busy to write more!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hisstorical Release

MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS CD (#110) An introduction to the D.I.Y. cassette scene 1979-84.

This is D.I.Y. at its most liberated.
The U.K.'s initial outburst of "cassette culture" produced sounds of incredible freshness, directness, and even occasional sophistication, which poured out of hundreds of bedrooms filled with found- and improvised percussion, Woolworths guitars, home-made electronics (and soldering fumes!) came at least a thousand tapes, mostly circulated through the mail for free or at cost (and usually in editions of 100 or fewer. The 'Greatest Hiss' series samples the cassette-scene's more, er, melodic material (sorry, there's no 'ambient' or 'industrial' - and everything's under 4 minutes!).

Just released, features 25 acts, including Storm Bugs, plus bonus mp3s.

More info at Hyped to Death