Sunday, 25 January 2009


The scaffolding went up on the block next door.
Well, when I say,
or rather write,
“...went up...”,
what I mean is that several men
(I omitted to count them)
spent some hours
(how many?)
erecting the scaffolding.

When I write “...the block next door...”
it would be more accurate to write “...the adjacent block of flats”.

I may be alone in finding this scaffolding rather interesting, almost attractive.
It is as though the building,
a rather unremarkable 1970s
(I would guess)
block of flats,
built from a light ochre coloured brick,
has grown an external skeleton, an exoskeleton.

A zoomorphic metaphor perhaps,
but what animal looks like this?


Anonymous said...

but what animal looks like this?....
the lesser spotter Pompidou perhaps, often seen skulking in Les Halles.....


oh! the twists of modern architecture...

but then, there is the fine description
ponge like pruning in attemptsto
circumscribe the object

armadillo ?