Saturday, 21 February 2009


Around More London [1] people are behaving photographically in front of views of City Hall/Tower Bridge.

They are tourist-behaviour-photographers.

One man [2] is in the artistic-behaviour-photographer mode, photographing objects close-up, including a bronze sculptural-relief-model-map of the area, complete with rough hewn bronze models of City Hall and Tower Bridge, River Thames, More London... upon which someone has placed a small pair of children’s spectacles with pink frames.

I, of course, am in observational-note-taking-behaviour mode, scratching in my notebook, music on headphones [3].

Weather’s fine.

[1] Taking a walk on the way home with my bag of shopping

[2] The man is dressed in black leather jacket, black jeans, he is olive skinned with dark hair and unshaven, he looks intense, a determined expression.

[3] ‘Repercussions’ by Distance

[1a] One organic white tin loaf from Flour Power City bakery; 500g of Balmaadi Estate coffee, ground for cafetiere from Monmouth Coffee; a chunk of Keen’s Cheddar cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy; two bottles Marqués de Cáceres 2007 Rioja Rosé (£2 off when you buy two bottles from Majestic Wines).



very nice spaces
& fine linkage...

sort of species of spaces ...(fig)urative

wainting for more "attempts to exhaust a londonian site"

Steven Ball said...

Thanks Sam, I did almost the walk trip today, perhaps I can exhaust it or it can exhaust me.

You might enjoy this quote from Stefan Themerson:
"I wanted to strip words of their associations, to cut their links with the past. This rebellion was anti-romantic and anti-ecstatic. It was directed against political rhetoricians and against Joycean avant-coureurs. Against associational thickets of Eliot and the verboidal surrealisms of History. I wanted to disinfect words, scrub them right to the very bone of their dictionary definitions... I invented Semantic Poetry. It was meant to be funny. Both serious and funny"

Anonymous said...

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Steven Ball said...

Dear 123 123, thank you for your comment and the link to your fabulous Escorts site. Unfortunately I don't drive.