Wednesday, 24 December 2014

seasonal song 1

I was almost too late with this. 

Last year Richard Sanderson invited people to make a two-minute piece for Button Box based on any element taken from his Air Buttons album, for which I recorded the song Polka Faith

This year Richard extended a similar invitation for a new compilation Two Minutes Left, with particular criteria:
My two rules were that the works had to be exactly two minutes long, and that at some point in the recording process a microphone should have been used - in other words, before the sounds presented here reach your ears they have, in some way, travelled through air. 
I made a new recording of a song from about twelve or so years ago which, titled Microphone, seemed a suitable choice. Originally written and recorded while I was jet-lagged, it has a vaguely melancholic lyric, which elaborates a pun on the words 'micro' and 'phone', and woozy melody.

I was almost too late with this, I recorded it the day before the deadline and submitted it just in time. Impressively Richard had 87 submissions, resulting in a substantial collection of two minutes, downloading now, and looking forward to hearing.

Two Minutes Left is available as a free download from Linear Obsessional Recordings on Bandcamp.


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