Monday, 22 December 2008


A column...
... no, a rectangular block of tiles set into the wall, floor to roof.
Its width is four
horizontal rectangular shaped tiles, with a ratio of around 2:1 width to height.

Dark turquoise green glazed tiles with light coloured, possibly white, grouting.

In the centre a patch of yellow and black striped hazard tape, four strips placed horizontally so that the black and yellow bands running at an angle of roughly 45° across the width of tape, create an irregular staggered pattern.

It looks to me something like an op-art painting, but resisting the illusion of movement.

The Bakerloo line train moves out of the station. Any further description would be based on memory and not direct observation.


Philip Sanderson said...

Reminding me just a little of Alain Robbe Grillet, which would be in keeping with the antipoetic poetry....

Steven Ball said...

There is that,
have you read Francis Ponge?


yes, ponge.
indeed: the nature of things.
"taking the side of things equals taking words into account"

somehow: might there be a connection to short text messages / mobile phones in this new project ?

would one get the images afterwards?

Steven Ball said...

hi Sam, no I hadn't considered phone texts, interesting idea, 'push poetry' perhaps?