Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Three words collided
three words together
three words repeated
but not three times.

She's holding two mobile phones.
Why am I always suspicious of people
with two mobile phones?

From Waterloo Bridge the river looks sluggish in the indifferent chill.


Philip Sanderson said...

few weeks back I was in a cafe trying to have some egg and chips. This chap sits down in front of me has his food and then starts rummaging in his pockets. There's change, cigarettes, scrunched up papers, oyster cards and about 4 mobiles (I lost count), He shoves it all back in his pocket then one of them rings, of course he couldn't locate the right one in time

Steven Ball said...

see what I mean? suspicious

Anonymous said...

I have two mobiles; one for each friend!


the amount of mobiles in the stories is probably just a cover-up... the really intriguing part of the fine new "direct-objective-short-stories" uploaded sequels probably resides in the fact that the projected images seem as vivid as on HD video. (is it the quality of the prose or the quality of my projector?)

anyway: the suspense is great !

are we to expect future upload of video(s) illustrating the stories ? or is the vlog going puristic blog?

Steven Ball said...

Illustrative? Purist? We'll see.